myFeedz Released on Labs

myFeedz is a web application that finds what is important from the sea of information on the Internet and shows you what you need to read. It learns from your reading habits, and helps you keep up with your interests, by offering personalized content.
myFeedz is designed to:

  • Help you keep track with the latest news and trends on the Internet.
  • Offer you articles relevant to your interests.
  • Reduce the information overload.

Check out [myFeedz] (

10 Minute RSSReader & Flex For Free

Macromedia announced the Flex Builder 2 Public BETA so I thought I’d play with it and see what I thought. I’m loving some of the new layout features they have added. It makes the initial layout so easy!Check out the list of features that have been added on the Adobe Labs site.
Free Flex SDK Announcement!

As I was playing, I put this blog reader together in about 10 minutes.

Very simple, but very cool. It will read in an RSS 2.0 feed URL and let you cycle through the articles. You can choose from 3 pre-defined feeds ro enter your own. Oh yeah, this appwill only work locally bacuse it is reading in images and the flash crossdomain policy will get in the way.

View the source here.

Download the source here.

Of course you’ll need the updated 8.5 player to view it.

The Flex Builder 2 Public BETA is available on the labs site: