ColdFusion and Flex 2 Integration

I attended the Adobe Developer Week session ColdFusion Powered Flex Applications presented by Ben Forta. Of course Ben had some good information and a nice quick sample using the ColdFusion Application Wizard to build a full CRUD application.

Here are some of the main points that Ben presented:

Adobe has invested heavily to provide clean and simple integration of ColdFusion and Flex 2

A ColdFusion update (7.0.2) will be provided with the release of Flex 2. The update will include:

  • Minor Big fixes
  • Built in support for Flex Apps
  • A Flex Data Services adapter
  • New Messaging Gateway

The only thing that will require the CF Enterprise Server is the messaging functionality. The messaging gateway is not included in the Standard server.

ColdFusion specific wizard

  • Builds a complete CRUD application:
    • ColdFusion back-end
    • MXML & AS Front End
    • Series of forms
  • Allows you to build master and detail ‘pages’ based on your database.
  • Creats edit pages quickly and easily. You can specify
    • The control used for the edit pages
    • The data used to populate the controls
  • Allows you to quickly set up the application navigation as a tree structure
  • One check box to create a login framework

Lookups with Mappings and CHF2

I was about at wits end tryiong to get Reactor and ModelGlue set up on my server and could not get it to work. Thanks to Sean Corfield, it is now up and running!

The secret: Cummulative Hotfix 2. This hotfix breaks certain CFC lookups with mappings. So all I did was go update my CF server to the previous hot fix and away we went.