UPDATE Cairngen Ant Tasks 1.2 Release

Looks like Eric Feminella has released an updated version of Cairngen. Since I posted about the 1.0 release I figured that I’d let you know about the udpate as well.

New features in Cairngen 1.2:

  • Complete support for Cairngorm 2.0
  • Complete support for Cairngorm 2.1
  • Complete support for Cairngorm 2.2
  • Added logging capabilities for all targets
  • Abstracted user / project specific properties. User properties are now located in the project.properties file.

[Check it out]

Cairngen 1.0 – Now with ANT

Eric Feminella created Cairngen as a code generation tool for Adobe Cairngorm. he developed it to do away with the redundant copy/paste work needed to create Flex applicatoins with Cairngorm and is released under the MIT license.

Cairngen 1.0 is built entirely in Ant and provides a solution for one-shot code generation of Adobe Cairngorm 2.2 classes.

I haven’t had a chance to play with Caringen 1.0, but can’t wait (I love ANT!).

Thanks Eric!