ANT + Growl notifications = Happy Coder

We have a bunch of projects around here that we build with ANT. One of the biggest gripes with ANT builds and Flex is the amount of time it can take – Flex compiles can be slow. So whilst I’m building a project, I usually end up getting distracted for 10 or 15 minutes by something else, and my newly compiled Flex project sits there waiting for me to return. When I do return I have inevitably forgotten what I was doing.

Enter Growl and ant-growlnotify (thanks Jamie) with the ANT -listener argument. Using it is pretty simple:

  1. Download the ant-growllistener-0.4.jar from google code
  2. Drop the jar into your ant’s lib directory
  3. Run your ANT script with the -library arguement set to
    or add -listener to ANT_ARGS
  4. Now when you run your ANT script you should get nice Growl notifications.

You’ll need to make sure that you’ve installed growlnotify. growlnotify is in the Extras folder when you install Growl.

In the same notification vein, I also tracked down ImTask last night and got build norifications going with an XMPP server. The project seems a little dated (released in 2003), but still works with OpenFire and