F4Fragment Extractor App & Adobe Marketplace Problems

I want to let anyone interested in the F4Fragment Extractor know that I’m working with Adobe to resolve some issues with my Marketplace account. For now I can’t access the account to make updates and changes to the offering. My plan is to add some requested features like command line arguments and the ability to handle multi-bitrate files auto-magically. But, I can’t until Adobe helps with fixing my access.

I’ll make sure to post an update as soon as I get access to the site.

Adobe Marketplace and the GTrack OSMF Plugin

The Adobe Marketplace launched recently:

Adobe Marketplace is the ultimate destination for all things Adobe — If you’ve created a technology or service that enhances or integrates with Adobe AIR, Photoshop, or the Open Source Media Framework, we invite you to register with the largest community of AIR users, Photoshop enthusiasts and OSMF developers in the world.

We’ve added the GTrack plug-in (part of the REOPS project) as an offering in the OSMF marketplace. You can check out the Marketplace offering here.

New things have been added to the OSMF Marketplace on a daily basis, so keep your eye on it for great tools, times and downloads!