F4Fragment Extractor

What is the F4F Fragment Extractor?

F4F Fragment Extractor is a utility for extracting the F4V fragments from the F4F files created by Adobe’s file packager for HTTP streaming.
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What would I need it for?

The extracted fragments can be useful if you do not have access to an Apache web server with the origin module installed. Extracting the fragments allows one to play HTTP streaming video from any web server.

Specifying Files

When extracting fragments you will need to browse for or drag and drop in the .f4m files created by Adobe’s f4fpackager. This tool uses the name and directory of that file to search for the .f4f segment files. So they will need to exist in the same directory as the .f4m file and the file names that the packager created will need to remain the same.


The F4FragmentExtractor will output the extracted fragments to a sub-directory of the directory specified for output. The sub-directory will be named the same name as the F4M file passed to the extractor with ‘_fragments’. So, if you have an F4M file named ‘MyManifestFile.f4m’ the output directory will be ‘MyManifesFile_fragments/’. The F4M file will be automatically copied to the fragment output directory. The F4M file and the fragment files should be all you need to deploy to your web server or Amazon S3 to get HTTP streaming to work without the Apache origin module.

Command line usage

The F4F Fragment Extractor accepts command line arguments so you can integrate fragment extraction into an automated system.


A comma separated list of .f4m files. The .f4f files must exist in the same directory as the .f4m file.


The full path to the directory where the files will be output.


OSX: $ /Applications/F4FragmentExtractor/Contents/MacOS/F4FragmentExtractor --input /Users/jccrosby/Documents/videos/test.f4m --output-directory /Users/jccrosby/f4f-output


$ C:Program FilesF4FragmentExtractorF4FragmentExtractor.exe --input C:tmpvideostest.f4m --output-directory C:tmpf4f-output

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