Multi-screen is Sexy, even at Adobe Max

There are too many devices to consider when developing video players now-a-days.

Don’t you wish you didn’t have to think about each and every device that Bob & Sally were using to play video?

We’ve got it covered with our Adobe Max 2011 BYOD Lab

“Video Player Development for Multiple Devices” .
(boring name right? I know, but still…)

WTF is BYOD? Stands for Bring Your Own Device – it just means you’ll need to bring your own devices to follow along. Here is what we’re looking at for setup:

We’ll go over concepts and code with you to take the tediousness out of developing video players.

Android? Yep.

iOS? Sure-nuff

Blackberry? Um….yeah, this is Flash baby – we got it.

We’ll show you how to AUTO-MAGICALLY detect the platform and screen size and let the player do the work for you.

If you’re attending our session, AWESOME. Thanks!

I’m sure you’d like to get going early right…I thought you might.

Go download the BYOD Lab Files

Hey, even if you’re not going to the session or Max, you’ll get some good sample files right?

While you’re at it, check out Jun Heider’s “Multiscreen Project Best Practices” session too.