F4Fragment Extractor App & Adobe Marketplace Problems

I want to let anyone interested in the F4Fragment Extractor know that I’m working with Adobe to resolve some issues with my Marketplace account. For now I can’t access the account to make updates and changes to the offering. My plan is to add some requested features like command line arguments and the ability to handle multi-bitrate files auto-magically. But, I can’t until Adobe helps with fixing my access.

I’ll make sure to post an update as soon as I get access to the site.

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      1. John, thanks much! I work for a CDN and this tool would have made a great asset in our arsenal for debugging a few scenarios. I have been reading your other posts on HDS and it's nothing short of sheer brilliance! Thanks much for the posts.

        A follow-up question if you dont mind answering : – I use a Mac and I have no means of producing a ZERI bundle as the packager is an exe. Do you know if Adobe is working on an alternative for Mac users?

        1. Thank you for the kind words.

          I work on a mac as well. I haven't heard that Adobe is working on a Mac and forum posts make me think a mac version of the packager isn't promising.

          However there is a linux & windows version of the packager so a VM could work. How are you handling it now?

          I was thinking a web service that you could upload your media and have it packaged (and possibly extract the fragments as well) would be useful. What do you think?

  1. John,

    Sorry took a while to get back here.

    Currently, I do all this with a Windows machine (I know, sad!) so that I could get the work done. The web-service isn't a bad idea but extracting the fragments and other media assets could be challenging. Have you thought of a design which perhaps we both could brainstorm and see something can done for the community?

    1. I haven’t thought out anything solid, but the basic premise would be a web-service that you could upload or point to a remote media file then it would package the asset and extract the fragments. Then package them up into a zip and post for download for a limited amount of time. We’d just need to make sure the environment the service was hosted on had the ability to execute the command line tools for packaging and fragment extraction. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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