OSMF 1 Day Course: What do you want?

We are working on a 1 day Open Source Media Framework (OSMF) course at Realeyes and wanted to know what should be included in the training. Here is the initial course description:

This intense one day hands-on course is a serious dive into the Open Source Media Framework (OSMF). Starting with an introduction of the OSMF the course quickly picks up pace and covers the basics of simple implementations that can be done in less 4 lines of code or less for powerful media player applications to the creation, understanding, and use of the more robust features for dynamic media management, from progressive playback to HTTP Dynamic Streaming. The course also will cover creating and using HTML embeddable players, implementing brandable media player user interfaces, advanced stream and connection management, as well as a solid exploration of the advanced plugin architecture available with OSMF.

And here is the initial outline:

  • Unit 1: Getting Started
    • Introducing OSMF
    • Using the Strobe Media Player
    • The basics of OSMF
      • BuildingThe Simplest Player
      • Breaking down and understanding the parts of OSMF
        • MediaElement
        • MediaPlayer
        • MediaContainer
        • MediaFactory
      • Handling different types of media (Images/SWF/Video/Audio)
      • Understanding Traits
      • Utilizing MetaData
      • Making an Embeddable Media Player
        • Using FlashVars to control the player
        • Using the HTMLMediaContainer
  • Unit 2: Enhanced Media Experiences
    • Creating and implementing User Interface control with OSMF
    • Media Compositions & base level custom advertising/monetization
      • Serial
        • Poster art, playlists, pre/post/in-play injection
      • Parallel
        • Overlay/PiP, outside synchronized advertising
          • Basics of Layout controls
  • Unit 3: Extensibility
    • Advanced low level control techniques
      • Advanced NetConnection Management & Control
      • Advanced NetStream Management & Control
      • Advanced Buffer Management
    • Plugins
      • Understanding the different types:
        • Static and Dynamic
          • Reference and Proxy
      • CDN Plugins
        • Implementing a CDN plugin
          • Akamai, LimeLight
      • Analytics Plugins
        • Building a simple plugin with JS integration/reporting
        • Implementing the GTrack Plugin
      • Advertising Plugins
        • VAST/MAST – pre-roll and overlay

Do you see anything missing?

Something you’d like to have in the 1 day course?

Would you be interested in sitting in on a test run of the course in the future?

Let me know.