Extra Eclipse Tool Bars?

I finally spent the time to figure out how to remove extraenous buttons in my Eclipse tool bar. The one that annoyed me the most was the CFEclipse toolbar – it is huge!


Don’t get me wrong CFEclipse rocks, but it shows up in every perspective that I use. So here is how to remove it from the Eclipse toolbar.

  1. Right-click on Eclipse’s main tool bar you should see the following menu:
  2. Next select “Customize Perspective”. You’ll get a popup window.
  3. Select the “Commands” tab.
    Commands Tab
  4. In the left column, find CFEclipse and uncheck it.
    Uncheck Eclipse
  5. Click “OK” and check out your uncluttered toolbar!

This will only change the settings for the current perspective, and if you miss your tool bar, just repeat teh steps except check CFEclipse and it is right back where is was.

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