Extra Eclipse Tool Bars?

I finally spent the time to figure out how to remove extraenous buttons in my Eclipse tool bar. The one that annoyed me the most was the CFEclipse toolbar – it is huge!


Don’t get me wrong CFEclipse rocks, but it shows up in every perspective that I use. So here is how to remove it from the Eclipse toolbar.

  1. Right-click on Eclipse’s main tool bar you should see the following menu:
  2. Next select “Customize Perspective”. You’ll get a popup window.
  3. Select the “Commands” tab.
    Commands Tab
  4. In the left column, find CFEclipse and uncheck it.
    Uncheck Eclipse
  5. Click “OK” and check out your uncluttered toolbar!

This will only change the settings for the current perspective, and if you miss your tool bar, just repeat teh steps except check CFEclipse and it is right back where is was.

Adobe Camp: 1 Day, 3 Camps: 5280 Reasons to Use the Flash Platform

Rocky Mountain Adobe CampIf you haven’t heard already, the first Rocky Mountain Adobe Camp is open for registration.

The first ever, one of a kind, Rocky Mountain Adobe Camp is right here in Denver on June 22, 2009. Digital professionals at all experience levels are invited to this one-day event to participate in in-depth sessions, and unique hands-on activities taught by some of the most influential speakers in the “Flash-o-sphere”.

Want more information?
Check out http://camp.rmaug.com for event date and location as well as speaker and session info.

Use twitter?
Follow @adobecamp’s updates for more information and news.

There are some interesting sessions that will be divided between 3 different “tracks”:

  • Flash Camp: Get ready to learn best practices, discover hidden features, and extend your abilities
  • Dynamic Media Camp: Developers and content owners alike will expand their current knowledge of the Flash Media Server family
  • eLearning Camp: Trainers, staff development managers, and Human Resource professionals will all gain valuable insight for eLearning development using tools such as Adobe Connect, Adobe Captivate, and Adobe Acrobat

So pick one and register for the First Rocky Mountian Adobe Camp!

Quick fun with AIR & Dailymugshot.com

So i’ve been playing with DailyMugShot.com for the past couple of months. DailyMugShot is just that – you take 1 picture every day of your mug. Well I wanted all my mugshots and there wasn’t a direct way of downloading them from the site. They have an RSS feed for your shots, but it only shows the current picture.

They do have a little flash based badge that you can post to your site.

So with some hunting around in the firebug output I found where the little flash piece calls a service for the sequence of images. The dataservice is simple XML (Yay!), and I like ActionScript 3 and XML. So, I wrote an AIR app that downloads all my mugshot images. It is really basic and urls and final file locations are all hard-coded, but it was a fun 45 minutes and worked like a charm and I have all my past mug shots.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Update: If you’d like to play with dailymugshot.com I’ve compiled an AIR Application that will download all the images for a given user ID (you can get the userID from the slide show page URL)