360iDev – Total FTW!

Brian Flings "idea" preso
Brian Flings "ideas" preso

Let me preface this post with I’m not an iPhone developer – I’m a Flash developer.
I spen last week days in San Jose at the 360iDev conference and I want to extend an HUGE congratulations to John and Tom who “Are 360 Conferences”. These 2 guys have put together another awesome conference (the other being 360Flex) for the iPhone community. Being someone who has spent zero time in the iPhone Objective-C world, the 360iDev conference was the perfect event to attend. Here is a short list of why I think so:

  1. 360Conferences strive to put together sessions and speakers from a wide range of backgrounds. From experienced to inexperienced users, there was something for everyone
  2. The iPhone/Objective-C/Cocoa community is extremely friendly. Talking to some of the speakers and other attendees was one of the best things about this conference for me.
  3. 360Conferences wants to keep the cost low. I mean come on, less than $500 for a conference – yep that rocks.
  4. John and Tom are just damn cool guys.

I think it was time well spent in San Jose and I hope that 360Conferences keeps 360iDev around. Oh, and that thing about me not being an iPhone developer….I am now – or at least I’m workin’ on it! Make sure you check out a 360Conference weather it is at 360Flex or 360iDev – you won’t be sorry.