Status Update – what I’m doing and have done latley

Its been a crazy busy summer so far! Here is quick status of the stuff that I’ve been doing.


Lots of ActionScript 2 – oh yay! But, it is still needed for some clients. Not a whole lot of exciting stuff there, but it is keeping me busy!

A bit of fun with Flex and ActionScript 3 – we’re working on some super secret code for a local company who is updating their site. I’ve been lucky enough to be able to squeeze in a few ‘voids’ between all the ‘Voids’ to create a cool component docking framework and SharedObject Manager class. I’ll see what everyone here says about sharing the code and share what I can.

Projects & Ideas

I’ve been playing around with lots of APIs and such lately. Trying to wrap my brain around the Social Graph – what is it good for, some really good ways to use it. So, I’ve signed up with tons of different Social Networks and services to see what is out there and what people are doing with it. You can check out the Social Links on the right for a list of those that I actually use regularly.

I’ve also got a couple of projects that I’ll release to the wild when I actually get around to finishing them:

The book that I was helping Chris Korhonen out with has been released. Yay Chris!


Just spent the last 2 weekends driving down to New Mexico so Aidan could spend a week with his Grams. Has a few good meals in Santa Fe and got to relax a bit – good stuff.

Pretty sure I’ll be going to 360Flex in San Jose in August. From what I hear – it is a damn fine conference and one of the more fun/interesting conferences for Flex – so I’m excited!

Other than that, don’t have much else planned. Possibly go out to Virginia to see my Dad and/or Austin to play a little.