Adobe Announces the Open Screen Project

Adobe has just announced the Open Screen Project.

The Skinny:

  • Restrictions on use of the SWF and FLV/F4V specifications will be removed
  • The device porting layer APIs for Adobe Flash Player will be published
  • The Adobe Flash® Cast™ protocol and the AMF protocol for robust data services will be published
  • Licensing fees will be removed – making next major releases of Adobe Flash Player and Adobe AIR for devices free

What does it really mean? Well it could be the promise of a universal application platform and the ability to write an application and deploy it everywhere. But, we know, with the likes of Apple and Google, who haven’t really taken to the flash platform, that probably isn’t the case. To me it means that Adobe is allowing the community as a whole to participate in the direction that the flash platform takes. To develop what what the community wants and thinks needs to be developed. This is a good thing – yay Adobe and yay Flash!

A few more links to read:

Ryan Stewart





Beatport Downloader 1.0 officially launched!

The Beatport Downloader launched officially on April 22nd. This is an application that the team here at Realeyes built. The official downloader description follows:

The Beatport Downloader allows you to download and organize your recently purchased tracks with one click. No more incomplete or lost music, easily see the status of all your downloads. Organize your music like never before through the Downloader’s folder naming preferences. This feature allows for full control of how you store and search your music library. Install the application by clicking the Install button to the right. If you do not have Adobe® AIR™, it will ask you to install that first. Learn more about Adobe® AIR™ below.

About Beatport:

Beatport is the first authentic digital music store designed to service the evolution of the digital music culture, redefining how DJs and enthusiasts acquire their music. allows users to access the world of club music through secure, legal, hi-speed, high quality downloads in MP3, MP4 and WAV formats on a pay per download basis. With hundreds of labels and thousands of users world wide, Beatport is recognized as the leader for online, electronic dance music.

So, if you’re interested, check out the downloader at

REDBug, WordPress and Firing up the Grill (Link share)

It has been a little slower at Realeyes latley so I’ve had time to play a bit. While playing I’ve run into some pretty interesting things over the past week, so I thought I’d share a few of the links I liked.

RealEyes Media . RED|bug
Release an updated version recently. Nifty debugging/logger AIR app that we’ve built.

Contacts Data API – Google Code
API from google so you can “own” your contact data…pretty nifty implications.

A test tool for web applications. Selenium tests run directly in a browser, just like real users do. It runs in Internet Explorer, Mozilla and Firefox on Windows, Linux, and Macintosh, Safari on the Mac. We have plans to target Safari on the iPhone in some months.

101 Adobe AIR Resources to Add to Your Toolbelt of Awesomeness

CSS Templates ( Page 1 of 12 ) – Free CSS Templates

Concepts: – Share and remix data using open standards
DataPortability: The option to share or move your personal data between trusted applications and vendors

mGTD: GTD for Moleskine v1.0 | *
Another (pretty cool) moleskin hack.

WordPress › AIR Badge « WordPress Plugins
Allows you to easily create an install badge for your AIR applications using the [airbadge] tag in your posts.Created by Peter Elst

WordPress › Downloads Manager « WordPress Plugins
Adds a simple downloads manager to your blog.

Random Resources:
Digsby = IM + Email + Social Networks
Instant messaging, email notifications and social networking all in one client (Twitter, Facebook and MySpace)

Firing Up Your Weber Bullet – The Virtual Weber Bullet
It is spring time after all

Free eBooks – All Our Classic Books and Novels
Free literature for you to download – I like reading (ahem…listening) in the car!

Mark Shuttleworth » Blog Archive » Playing nicely with Windows
Windows-native installer for Ubuntu

HOW TO: Delete an XML node using E4X

While creating a sample application for some class content the other day, I ran into an XML/E4X situation that I’d never encountered before. It is pretty basic – deleting a node from XML. How does one do it? With the delete keyword of course!

For example:
[as]var myXML:XML =

Med. Soda
Lg. Soda

// Delete the Med. Soda node

// Output the XML
trace( myXML.toXMLString() );

// Result
// Hamburger
// Fries
// Med. Soda
// Lg. Soda

delete myXML.item[2];

// Output the edited XML
trace( myXML.toXMLString() );

// Result
// Hamburger
// Fries
// Lg. Soda
Man, E4X is so simple!