Beatport Downloader AIR Application

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We’ve been working with for the last month on a downloader for their music.

The downloader is build in Flex with the Adobe Integrated Runtime. Lots of custom skinning and some cool File API stuff going on behind the scenes, as well as custom settings. Here are a couple of screen shots:

Welcome Screen:

Preferences Screen:


You can download the AIR app at and sign up to download tracks at the beatport site.

6 Replies to “Beatport Downloader AIR Application”

  1. Hi John,

    I am a Flex developer from Brazil, and i am amazed with this application, congrats!
    But what i wanna know is how did you guys do to detect and install the Runtime before the download of the .AIR ?
    Is there any chance of you help me on this? Maybe via e-mail…

    Thanks in advance,
    Bruno Flores

  2. It isn't documented anywhere, but there is a REST api that I'm assuming you could use to list tracks etc. Crack open Firebug to see what is being called where on the site. Course I don't really know what their terms of use are and you'll definitely need to check with Beatport about that.

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