CSS CookBook – I want to know more

Know some CSS? Do you want to enhance what you know and can do? Ever wonder about how to do something you’ve seen in on some site somewhere? Well, I have and do, and I’ve just finished reading a book that provides me with a good theory and example reference for CSS that provides that extra information I was looking for. O’Reilly’s CSS Cookbook, Second Edition (ISBN: 0596527411)



  • I definitely like the “Quick look-up” format
  • Simple and clear explanatations that can be easily understood.
  • Great for extending knowledge, not just the normal “basic” CSS info
  • Lots of good code snippets that can be adapted to real world situations
  • Covers CSS 2.1 conventions



  • No color images? Um…how many black and white web sites do you see out there?
  • If you’re a beginner, check out another book
  • I see tables in their code…we’re talking CSS right. Maybe this was done to keep things simple, but still.


All in all this is a great book for extending what you know about CSS and how to solve specific problems that may crop up. Like I mentioned, this book is probably not for the CSS beginner, but definitely a good reference to have around the keyboard!

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