Advanced ActionScript 3 with Design Patterns

I was very excited to receive the book Advanced ActionScript 3 with Design Patterns I had heard great things about the book and was not disappointed as I read through it.

I just happen to be stuck in jury duty for a full day and as I waited for the city and county of Denver to decide if they required my services I was able to read through most in the book in a morning. The really nice thing about this book is the lack of fluff. It is very direct, very to-the-point and very useful.
There were quite a few lessons that I learned (one would be typing a variable to an Interface…tre useful!) through out the book. Not to mention to the descriptions of many of the more popular design patterns around. I’d say Joey Lott and Danny Patterson have done a fine job presenting ActionScript 3 as applied to development with a focus on design patterns.
The only complaint that I have heard, is that that it can become a little repetitive. If you are very familiar with ActionScript syntax, you may want to skim many of the chapters for items that catch your eye and look to be good tips or new to you.

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