ApolloRanch in Boulder CO

ApolloRanch is a mini-conference similar to ApolloCamp. Thanks to Xylem CCI (Xlyem and Creation Chamber merged on April 30th) for putting together and hosting the ApolloRanch, they’ve done a great job so far! ApolloRanch is at the Fisk Planetarium (shoot for the starts Apollo!) on the CU campus in Bolder.

Mike Chambers gave the keynote as well as a “creating your first Apollo application” presentation.

Here is a frew of the highlights:

  • Apollo Beta to be released on Labs around mid June (keep an eye on Labs)
  • Many of the missing APIs will be in the beta; drag-and-drop, clipboard
  • Philo (Adobe Media Player) Preview: Very interesting media player. RSS feed based “channels” for video contnet delivery (FLV).

Some more of the release timeline:

  • Apollo 1.0, Moxie (Flex 3.0), Philo 1.0 – late Fall early Winter
  • Apollo dot releases – first quarter 2008

Links for the sample apps

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