Cairngorm 2.2 – Dot Release

Cairngorm 2.2 has been released on Adobe Labs.

If you didn’t already know:

The Cairngorm Microarchitecture is a lightweight yet prescriptive framework for rich Internet application (RIA) development.

Cairngorm is an implementation of design patterns that the
consultants at Adobe Consulting have successfully taken from enterprise
software development (with technologies including J2EE and .NET) and
applied rich Internet application development using Adobe Flex.

Changes between 2.1 and 2.2:

  • Removed dependency on Flex Data Services (fds.swc) – externalised to Cairngorm Enterprise
  • Flex SDK SWCs are no longer linked into Cairngorm.swc (produces a smaller cairngorm.swc)
  • Added support for setting remote credentials
  • Fixed bug with Web services not loading the WSDL (no need to call loadWSDL() explicitly)
  • ModelLocator interface has been deprecated. Added com.adobe.cairngorm.model.IModelLocator
  • Added deprecation metadata for compiler support
  • Added dispatch() helper method to CairngormEvent class
  • Commands are now added to base Controller with weak referencesAdded removeCommand to FrontController
  • Made commands protected in FrontController (was private)

[Download Cairngorm 2.2]