The Rest of ApolloCamp

Well, I tried to get up a post about the rest of the ApolloCamp presos the next morning, but my connection was crap, and the post seems to have been lost, so here goes the rest.

Kevin Hoyt – Nice Presentation on the File API. One huge bonus is the ability to read and write ActionScript object directly. I’ve played with the file IO stuff a little so this was cool to see.

Daniel Dura – Awesome “cookbook” session lots of good. Quick examples, of the Apollo’s windowing etc.

EUI – Gave a presentation on a desktop application they have been working with Ebay on. The cool thing here wasn’t really the application, although some of the features of the app (data filtering) were right up there, but the Java Bridge framework that EUI has been working on. Codenamed Artemis, it allows for access to low-level system functions through Java. Think a wii-mote controlled light saber on the big screen. You can learn more at

Finetune – Showed off their media player that they have been working on. Very cool features like recognizing a playlist on someone’s site and keeping it playing in the desktop application when you leave that persons site!

I’m sure I’ve forgotten quite a bit of all the cool stuff that was presented. I do want to give a big thanks to all those involved with ApolloCamp. It was a great event, and I’m sure a ton of work. Good job everyone!