Apollo Keynote

Mike Chambers got up and gave a great introduction to the Apollo team and let everyone know about the great swag that was given out to all the attendees:

Adobe really pumped up the swag for Apollo Camp:

  • Flex Builder with charting
  • Apollo CD with goodies and docs
  • Apollo t-shirt
  • Apollo Book

Kevin Lynch dropped in to present a good overview about why Apollo and why Adobe might present the bits and bytes of Apollo early. Adobe revolutionizes how the work engages with ideas and information across multiple platforms (This is a huge push…cross platform) and devices.

  • Client tchnolgies
  • Server technologies
  • Applications

Pretty much the standard pitch about Adobe technolgies, but hey it’s Kevin Lynch, he’s been doing this for 10 years. One of the big pushes is for PDF, PDF is being released to ISO.

Apollo is trying toenable web to the desktop. There are a couple differenct engines that are inside of Apollo based on what people are trying to create. Mostly what is happening is people are trying to create tools that bring in more desktop functionality into the web space, also includein gthe mobile space.

– Establishing a first class presence for your application.

Desktop Rich Internet Applications (dRIAs) is the direction Adobe is looking.

SWF and HTML – top level to build applications in Apollo.

SWF – AS, FLex, XM, Video, Audio,


Local Fiel access, netowork status, drag and drop, clipboard access, background processin, mutiple window support, custom window crome.


  • Companion applicaiton for amazon watchlist
  • Feed reader with HTML, Scriptaclous (Web app running as a desktop app)
  • Flex word processor (Buzzword) desktop companion to web application.
  • PDF Support sample applicaiton – finnancial data applicaiton, PDF support will be supplied via the Acrobat plugin (so if you don’t have it you’ll need to install it)


  • H1 – 1st 1/2 of the year (labs next week), Moxie Alpha release, creative suite 3
  • H2 – Flex (Moxie), “Phil0” (Apollo – internet TV app), Flash Media Servier


  • No plans to support QuickTime
  • Centralized distribution and installation
  • Installation super smooth and clean
  • Migration from Flex 2 into Moxie…flex team says “Very easy!”
  • Kevin Lynch says “Whats Moxie?” really, someone asked a question about migrating current Flex applications to Moxie and he asked what it was…hehe.
  • Apollo, most likey will not be the name of the product, someone else has taken it. So they are look at another “cool” name, well just have to wait and see what it is I guess.