FlexLib Launched

Darron Shall announced on his blog that FlexLib is now launched.

FlexLib is a Google Code project that aims at being a concentrated effort by the Flex 2 community for creating high quality user interface components. FlexLib provides a standard component namespace, package structure, code and naming conventions, and common reusable base classes to unify the various efforts people have put forth on their own.

Also mentioned it FlexBox which Jun Heider brought to my attention yesterday. FlexBox is directory of Adobe Flex components available for developers.

Darron Shall’s full post includes some additional Flex resources. Check it out and get Flexified!

Setting up an AS2 Development Environment in Eclipse

After SEPY crashed on me 4 times in a row, I decided to try my hand at setting up an AS2 development environment in Eclipse.

Here is a list of things that I love in SEPY, that I needed to have in Eclipse to make the transition acceptable:

  • Snippets: I’ve been getting used to using templates, but so far so good
  • Publish/Test Movie from Eclipse (ctrl+enter or the like)
  • Duplicate line

Here is what I’ve done to get the AS2 environment set up:

  1. Grab Eclipse (As of right now I’m still using 3.1)
  2. Install ASDT (AS Development Tool)
  3. Grab Mike Chambers FlashCommand (A command line tool for compiling fla’s)
    1. Add the build.xml ANT build file for FlashComamnd and set the parameters (Check out the detailed post to set up your build.xml file)
  4. Create your own templates for the ActionScript perspective or download and import mine
    1. Download AS2 snippets
    2. Importing Downloaded Snippets:
      1. From the main menu in eclipse select ‘Window’ -> ‘Preferences’
      2. Expand the ‘ActionScript2’ node
      3. Expand the ‘Editor’ node
      4. Select ‘Templates’
      5. Click the ‘Import’ button
      6. Browse to the file then click ‘Open’

Here is a list of things that I wish were available in Eclipse but sadly are not yet:

  • Select text -> drag and drop (copy/move) – This is in CFEclipse, but not ASTD or even the FlexBuilder plugin

Abbreviations (templates help with this one) – Huge timesaving feature in SEPY.

Using FlashCommand in Eclipse

Recently I pulled down Mike Chambers FlashCommand. FlashCommand is a command line compiler for the Flash IDE.

I wanted to set up an ANT build script to execute builds from Eclipse without having to alt-tab between programs (yes, I’m that lazy!).

Setting up the ANT script wasn’t too difficult, even for someone who knew the absolute minimum about ANT.

[xml]< ?xml version=”1.0″?>

Sample Build file for a project with FlashCommand, ANT

[/xml][Download the sample build script.]

Using Fiddler with Firefox

I recently encountered some issues with trying to debug a flash application that posted an XML packet to a URL. I first tried FireBug, it didn’t seem to be picking up the XML that was posted. After a quick Google search, I ran across a post describing how to use Fiddler (an IE based tool) with Firefox.

Check out the simple setup steps:


Bonus! I was able to view the raw header and the XML data that was being posted.

NOTE: I have heard of some issues with having to have Fiddler open to browse in Firefox, but haven’t encountered it.

myFeedz Released on Labs

myFeedz is a web application that finds what is important from the sea of information on the Internet and shows you what you need to read. It learns from your reading habits, and helps you keep up with your interests, by offering personalized content.
myFeedz is designed to:

  • Help you keep track with the latest news and trends on the Internet.
  • Offer you articles relevant to your interests.
  • Reduce the information overload.

Check out [myFeedz] (http://www.myfeedz.com/)