Flex 2.0.1 Updater

The 2.0.1 upated was pushed to the adobe site.

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Matt Chotin has posted an article about the update.

The quick and dirty:

  • Flex Builder platforms now available

    • Mac OS 10.4.7 on PowerPC and Intel
    • Eclipse 3.2 support (required for Mac)
    • Compatibility with BEA Workshop 3.2.1 using both the stand-alone version and Eclipse plug-in (Windows only)
    • Compatibility with IBM Rational Software Architect 7.0
  • SDK tooling

    • ASDoc is now officially supported and included with the SDK
    • mxmlc can now directly embed fonts using FlashType support
  • SDK framework

    • Introduced the mx.modules package for large application support
    • Applications can now apply CSS style sheets at runtime
    • Flex applications now support functional testing with included support for Mercury QuickTest Pro 9.1

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