AJAX Data Services Released

Adobe labs has released the AJAX Data Services – AJAX Data Services is a JavaScript library that lets AJAX developers access the messaging and data management capabilities of Flex Data Services directly from JavaScript. It lets you use Flex clients and AJAX clients that share data in the same messaging application or distributed data application.

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Sending XML in Flash

So you want to send XML in flash? There are some things that you need to watch out for.

ONE: We’re working with the XML object.

var myXML:XML = new XML();
var theXML:String = “”;

TWO: If you are are expecting a response, use the sendAndLoad() method. You will need to create an XML object to catch the response from your server. The sendAndLoad() method takes 3 parameters:

url – where to send the XML

target – The XML object that receives the downloaded data (this can also be a LoadVars object depending on the data that is returned from the service)

method – GET or POST HTTP protocol. This parameter is optional.

var responseXML:XML;
myXML.sendAndLoad(“http://www.realeyesmedia.com/”, responseXML, “POST”);

Now what happens if you don’t expect a response from the server? Do you use send()? Not if you don’t want the page to redirect.

The send() method can GET or POST your XML data to a page, but your Flash piece page is expected to redirect. So, what do you do. Well, just use sendAndLoad() and create a dummy XML object for the 2nd parameter. You won’t receive a response, but the XML will be sent to the server just the same.

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Flex 2.0.1 Updater

The 2.0.1 upated was pushed to the adobe site.

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Matt Chotin has posted an article about the update.

The quick and dirty:

  • Flex Builder platforms now available

    • Mac OS 10.4.7 on PowerPC and Intel
    • Eclipse 3.2 support (required for Mac)
    • Compatibility with BEA Workshop 3.2.1 using both the stand-alone version and Eclipse plug-in (Windows only)
    • Compatibility with IBM Rational Software Architect 7.0
  • SDK tooling

    • ASDoc is now officially supported and included with the SDK
    • mxmlc can now directly embed fonts using FlashType support
  • SDK framework

    • Introduced the mx.modules package for large application support
    • Applications can now apply CSS style sheets at runtime
    • Flex applications now support functional testing with included support for Mercury QuickTest Pro 9.1