RMAUG Presentation: No More Flex Clones!

The following is the description of the presentation that I’ll be giving at the next Rocky Mountain Adobe User’s Group (RMAUG) meeting:

Flex 2 gives developers the ability to build good looking applications right out of the box. This can be a problem if you don’t want your application to look like everyone else’s. Flex allows for several ways to customize your applications look & feel.

CSS styling allows you to keep the basic look and feel of the Flex components but change colors, the rounding of corners, etc. If you need more, Flex allows you to completely redesign the appearance of your application by creating skins to replace the built-in component themes.

The presentation will briefly cover Flex 2 styling with CSS and will go into detail on how to skin Flex components for your application.

The meeting is on December 12 7pm – 9pm.

Make sure you RSVP to reserve your space.

Creating a Branch in SVN with Tortoise SVN

So I don’t forget:

SVN Creating a Branch

1. Right-click top level folder of where you want to create the branch.

2. Select Tortoise SVN -> Branch/Tag

3. In the To URL: text field specify the branches new directory.

4. Click OK

5. Switch your working copy to the new branch.
  a. Select Tortoise SVN -> Switch
  b. Browse to the newly created branch

6. Click OK

7. Your working copy will now be linked to the new branch for the specified folder in the REPO


We are in Tucson AZ for Thanksgiving. So, yesterday was the first Thanksgiving as far back as I can remember that football wasn’t on the television all day…a very weird situation. To top that, we actually went swimming after the big meal.

Check it out:

An odd Thanksgiving, but fun!

Contribute 4 & WordPress


Adobe contribute supports connections to some of the most popular blog software. I finally had a few free minutes so I thought I’d download the trial and see how it worked. So far, so good.

Let’s see how it handles uploading images:

Yep the cutest freakin kid in the world!

Well I’m thinkin this is a pretty sweet set up. Nice and easy, everything looks okay…I’m fairly impressed. Not to mention it only took me about 2 min to actually set up the connection. Yeah Adobe for simple things.