ColdFusion and Flex 2 Integration

I attended the Adobe Developer Week session ColdFusion Powered Flex Applications presented by Ben Forta. Of course Ben had some good information and a nice quick sample using the ColdFusion Application Wizard to build a full CRUD application.

Here are some of the main points that Ben presented:

Adobe has invested heavily to provide clean and simple integration of ColdFusion and Flex 2

A ColdFusion update (7.0.2) will be provided with the release of Flex 2. The update will include:

  • Minor Big fixes
  • Built in support for Flex Apps
  • A Flex Data Services adapter
  • New Messaging Gateway

The only thing that will require the CF Enterprise Server is the messaging functionality. The messaging gateway is not included in the Standard server.

ColdFusion specific wizard

  • Builds a complete CRUD application:
    • ColdFusion back-end
    • MXML & AS Front End
    • Series of forms
  • Allows you to build master and detail ‘pages’ based on your database.
  • Creats edit pages quickly and easily. You can specify
    • The control used for the edit pages
    • The data used to populate the controls
  • Allows you to quickly set up the application navigation as a tree structure
  • One check box to create a login framework

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