Expand to the Desktop with Apollo!

I attended the Adobe Developer Week session for Builder Killer Desktop Apps.

What is Apollo?
A Cross-OS run-time that allows a developer to leverage existing assets and knowledge to build and deploy desktop applications.
Apollo will allow you to leverage Flash, HTML, PDF, & Rich Media. With that you have the ability to create RIA’s containing video and other rich media such as 3D. You are also able to create applications that are not constrained by the “Square Box”. So you can create applications with transparencies, rounded corners and all the other fun stuff.

Some of the other details are listed below:

  • It will be free!
  • You get to use your existing knowledge to build applications
    • You can build applications in many technologies (Flex, Flash, AJAX, HTML…)
  • Access to many of the usually expected OS level operations (File management etc.)
  • It is cross platform:
    • Windows OS (2K, XP & Vista)
    • Mac OS (Tiger)
    • Linux (No Specifics)
  • A developer version will be released on labs.macromedia.com before the end of the year
  • The 1.0 release is planned for the first half of 2007
  • It’s not Central 2.0. Completely different code base
  • The look and feel of the application is completely controlled by the developer
  • Command line tools will be provided to build and package the application
  • The initial release it targeted to the desktop with future releases supporting additional devices

Here are some screen shots of actual Apollo apps (notice these are not running in a browser yay!):

Audio player with visualizer.

Audio player with visualizer.

Apollo Desktop RIA
Desktop RIA example. Notice the transparency and rounded corners!

Enterprise level travel application for salesforce.com to connect sales people.

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