Flex 2 & SharedObjects

Hehe –

I was being bad today playing with SharedObjects and large amounts of data. I ended up being able to store about 10,000 records in a SharedObject with no problem at all. The only thing is that arises as an issue is the security dialog that pops up when the app tries to store 3 MEGs of SharedObject.

We actually do have a valid reason for wanting to store a ton of data locally with our Flex app, so I guess I wasn’t being really bad.

But now we know we can store mass amounts of data in SharedObjects.

Basically the gist is:

  1. Get a ton of data
  2. Create your SharedObject
  3. Transform the data to an Array
  4. Store the array in the SharedObject.
  5. Get the SharedObject
  6. Transform the array from the SharedObject into an ArrayCollection or whatever you are using.

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