Flash Video won’t work in IIS 6.0

I learned something today about Windows Server 2003 and IIS 6. Flash Video Files won’t stream at all. Hrm…fun. What is really nice is the Flash piece will play just fine, the video just won’t show up.

With IIS 6.0, Microsoft changed the way streaming media is handled. Previous versions of IIS did not require any modification to stream Flash Video. Microsoft IIS 6.0, the default web server that ships with Windows 2003, requires a MIME type to recognize that FLV files are streamed media.

So you have to add the MIME type in IIS…

  1. On the Windows 2003 server, open the Internet Information Services Manager.
  2. Expand the Local Computer Server.
  3. Right-click the local computer server and select Properties.
  4. Select the MIME Types tab.
  5. Click the New… button and enter the following information:
    • Associated Extension box: .FLV
    • MIME Type box: flv-application/octet-stream
  6. Click Ok.
  7. Restart the World Wide Web Publishing service.

You can view the entire Macromedia TechNote here.

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