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Using Angular’s $log provider

The AngularJS $logProvider Logging and debugging is a daily occurrence when developing JavaScript based applications. AngularJS

JavaScript Chops Meetup

I was hanging out with Matt O’Donnell this weekend and we got to talking about javascript¬†&

The Browser Is Where It’s At

Users, platforms, and developers have have forced browsers to evolve. The browser is no longer just

Building a DASH-264 Player

A great overview from Michael Labriola at Streaming Media West last year. It breaks down of MPEG-DASH,

Happy New Year!

May this year be better than the last.

Multi-screen is Sexy, even at Adobe Max

There are too many devices to consider when developing video players now-a-days. Don’t you wish you

UPDATE: F4Fragment Extractor App & Adobe Marketplace Problems

I just received an email stating that Adobe will be closing down Adobe InMarket this includes

F4Fragment Extractor App & Adobe Marketplace Problems

I want to let anyone interested in the F4Fragment Extractor know that I’m working with Adobe

The Cooking Channel’s Eat Street in our Parking Lot

A long time friend of mine, Ian Kleinman is going to be featured on the Cooking

Mobile Flex: View Data

From the previous post you should know how to navigate from 1 view to the next