Caringorm Code Generation – A Flex Builder Plugin

I ran across this (Introducing Cairngorm Plugin– Thinking Digital) in my reading today; It is a Flex builder plug-in to aid in developing Flex applications with Cairngorm.

Some of its features include:

  • Cairngorm end-to-end class generators for REST, Web Service (WSDL) and Remoting services.
  • enhanced AS3 class wizard and AS3 code generator.
  • custom wizards for Cairngorm specific classes.
  • FlexUnit test and test suite generators.
  • generates interactive Flex Cairngorm service test application and graphical FlexUnit test runner.
  • ASDoc documentation generators.
  • Cairngorm explorer view.
  • e4x editor and expression builder.

Although it isn’t released yet, there are some screen shots that you can check out.