Monthly Archive:: March 2007

Dispatching a custom event

There are many common events for Flex components, such as the click or change events. These

Little bit of spring snow!

So my son woke me up early this morning with these words: “Papa! It’s a disaster!”

Flex 2.0.2 hotfix released!

Adobe has released a hotfix for the Flex SDK. Looks like there are quite a few

Another Labs Release – LiveCycle Data Services 2.5

In addition to Apollo, Adobe is releasing an early version of LiveCycle Data Services to the

Cursor postion in a flex TextArea control using the TextLineMetrics class

Problem: We want to add a pop-up box to a TextArea control as a user is

Flex: Simple Predictive Text Example

We built a predictive TextInput component in an AS2 for a project that we have been

Apollo is on Labs – Houston we have blastoff!

….yeah I know geeky. Apollo is now on Labs! Apollo is a cross-OS runtime that allows

Flex Style Explorer Spawns Offspring

The Flex Style Explorer has grown though 4 or 5 versions and now there are quite

Flex Module for IIS and Apache Released

The Flex module for Apache and IIS provides web-tier compilation of MXML and ActionScript files on

The Rest of ApolloCamp

Well, I tried to get up a post about the rest of the ApolloCamp presos the