Monthly Archive:: February 2007

FlexLib Launched

Darron Shall announced on his blog that FlexLib is now launched. FlexLib is a Google Code

Setting up an AS2 Development Environment in Eclipse

After SEPY crashed on me 4 times in a row, I decided to try my hand

Using FlashCommand in Eclipse

Recently I pulled down Mike Chambers FlashCommand. FlashCommand is a command line compiler for the Flash

LuminicBox goes AS3

Missing the LuminicBox debugger in Flex 2? Mark Walters at digitalflipbook has translated the LuminicBox classes

Using Fiddler with Firefox

I recently encountered some issues with trying to debug a flash application that posted an XML

myFeedz Released on Labs

myFeedz is a web application that finds what is important from the sea of information on

Flash Player Ubiquity Stats

Flash Player 9 is workin’ it! [Check out the ubiquity stats on Adobe’s site] Image from