Monthly Archive:: May 2006

Denver and Free WiFi

Looks like denver is joining the many cities that are offering free WiFi. Now we can

TranslateXML – AS2 XML to Object Parser

The TranslateXML class translates any XML file into a flash Object. All nodes are turned into

Flash Binding Class

I whipped up a quick Singlton to progamatically create bindings between two controls: All you need

IE7 ActiveX Quick Fix

Michael Moore (no, not the documentary director!) brought this little IE 7 quick fix to my

In Place Editing (IPE) Controls – Ely Greenfield

Ely Greenfield has supplied us with yet another cool Flex 2 sample & source. Check out

Adobe Developer Week

Developer Week is a week of free, online technical seminars on Adobe technologies, scheduled for June

Cairngorm Update for Flex BETA 3

Steven Webster has posted an update for the Cairngorm on his Adobe Consulting blog.

Flex 2 BETA 3 Released

The Public BETA 3 for Flex Builder 2 and Coldfusion 7.0.2 has just been realeased on